The Bertha Butt Boogie

My name isn’t Bertha, but my butt sure did boogie last night.  I wrapped a nice big sweater around my waist to keep the boogie to myself, which i’m sure everyone else in the gym was completely thankful for.

I boogied myself to a new personal best (haha, personal best – well, it is!) of jogging for 22 minutes.  I was going to follow week 6 of the Couch to 5k Program.  I believe the second workout of this week is to do a brisk warm-up walk (5 minutes), then run 10 minutes, walk 3 minutes, run 10 and walk 5 (cool-down).  I only wanted to spend 30 minutes on it, so I followed the plan, but just jogged the last two minutes at the end, to make 22 minutes.  That’s pretty incredible for me to accomplish.  I still didn’t go very far (2.38 miles) but as long as i’m jogging, that’s okay with me.

It was easier yesterday to focus on jogging.  At one point, a younger boy jumped onto the treadmill next to me to run.  GAME ON, kid.  I wish there would always be someone running next to me.  Someone just a little bit better.  My competitive nature is so strong that there was no way he was going to out-run me.  At least, not until I got all my minutes in!  This is a good part why I was able to make it to 22 minutes.  I pretended I was fine, because I really didn’t want to stop jogging before he did.  Although, the kid really wimped out after just a few minutes.

In actuality, I WAS pretty fine.  I was concerned that the jump from running 5 minutes to running 10 minutes in a stretch was going to knock me on my back but i’ve done it a couple times now, and it seems to be working for me.

I’m taking today off for exercise, going out for wings and beer later.  Back at it tomorrow.  Hopefully.

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