Hit the Road Jack

Otherwise known as Hit the Treadmill for those (me) who are not about to try jogging on ice.  I am clumsy.  I would fall and then other things would happen (insert broken bones here) and…well…anyways.

I am happy to report that my At First Insistent Cold has tapered down to a barely audible *yelp* today.  It is finally manageable, which is not to say it won’t still hang around for a while.  It’s made a lovely home in my bedroom, even I approve of its design know-how.  But we reached an impasse, it and I, and the lack of compassion it was showing towards my ability to get my workouts in was really starting to bother me, so I put my foot down.  The cold stayed in my bedroom while I went to the gym, and for an hour or so I was symptom-free (in my head, anyways.  no pun.).  It felt great.

I jogged yesterday for 18 minutes.  I’ve hit a high mark for this year with 18 minutes jogged out of 31.  I jog sooooo slowly, though.  It must be painful for others to watch.


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