Ain’t No Way

I managed to pick up a pretty disgusting cold over the weekend.  It kind of knocked my socks off.  I managed to get the Shred workout in on Saturday, but that’s been it ever since.  Let’s see – it’s Wednesday today, right?

Well, no one ever said there wouldn’t be adversity.  If I can get my hands on some sinutab I should be okay to run later.  I was probably ok to run yesterday, but you know.  Adversity just knocks my socks off.  I opted instead to watch movies and lay out on the couch, cultivating my sickly persona to the ultimate with cough drops, glass upon glass of orange juice and tissues laying all over the coffee table.  Ain’t no way was there going to be any running in my near future.  Tell ’em, Aretha.

I did level 2 day 1 of the Shred on Saturday.  Whoop, kissed the floor many, many times.  Shrank into child’s pose a few times, too.  Shrank back from the tv in fear and loathing is more like it.  Well, it’ll get better, just like level 1 did.


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