Just Breathe

Yesterday was a good day.  Aside from running, gym buddy and I had fun at the gym, working on lunges and ab work with some strength training added in.

I added another few minutes (5, to be exact) to my running totals.  Don’t know if i’ll be able to keep up such a large difference, as apparently I need to learn how to breathe.  I stared at a small piece of crud on the wall in front of me and tried to concentrate on my breathing but it just wasn’t working out for me.  A couple of times gym buddy would look over in shock due to my heavy, unstable breathing pattern.  The smile I gave her to show that I was alright probably worried her even more (by that time, it would have been more of a grimace than anything else).  I labored…yes…but I made it.

No running this weekend, start back up on Monday.  I’ll still be working out (30-Day Shred DVD) today and Sunday, but no running.


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